Use renewable energy and be more efficient

The world is changing, we are using up all the resources and complaining that there won’t be any left for future generations, that’s why we have to focus on renewing our resources to full efficiency. In Singapore renewable energy is a key thing. Tons of people are trying to expand to it.

What is renewable energy?

This is the type of energy that is collected from renewable resources. These can come in forms of rain, wind, heat. They can be considered as solar power, hydropower, and wind energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, and biomass energy. One of the most common is hydro, and wind. If you see big dams, and giant wind turbines that’s what it used for.

costs then this will be extremely beneficial.

The advantages of renewable energy?

In Singapore renewable energy is popular because first of all it won’t run out, that is the whole point of it being renewable. Also the maintenance requirements are lower, because it doesn’t rely on flammable or combustile fuel sources.

The disadvantages?

When you think about this being a good method you think that there aren’t any costs, but actually this can be pretty expensive. There are high upfront costs, so you have to deal with that. Also it isn’t available 24/7 everywhere around the world, therefore you could have geographical limitations. And to house these require large storage facilities, these storage facilities will be expensive as well. Although if you can deal with the costs then this will be extremely beneficial.