Marine food for good health

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The humans prefer sea life in the form of sea food they include fish and shellfish prominently. Sea food is huge industry in which fresh seafoodis the prime importer and exporter of the sea food. The most commonly sea food consumption will be sea cucumbers, sea urchins, shrimps,crabs,lobsters,oysters,mussels,whales,dolphins sometimes sea weed,micro algae which are eaten as sea vegetables.

Harvesting of Sea food and Other uses of sea food: :

The wild harvesting of seafood is known as fishing or hunting of sea food and cultivation is called anaquaculture or fish farming. Most of the sea food which is fresh seafood singapore is consumed by humans where a as the other proportion is used for animal feed or to rear other fishes or for the farm animals.

fresh seafood singapore

  • Some sea foods are used for fertilizers also, some marine food is used for producing fish oil and tables and some times covers of the capsules.
  • Some variety of sea food are used for feeding aquarium fishes, domestic pets at home. Most of the sea left out products are used in medicinal or industrial usages for nonfood utilization.
  • The processing is most important as the sea food highly perishable as fish smells and degrades vey fast by breakdown of amino acids. Live fish are processed and transported to other places tanks with sea water to maintain freshness.
  • Some restaurants keep live sea fish to maintain freshness before serving it to their customers. Now a days delivering live fish without water is explore and method to maintain freshness is also explored. The market of sea food is fetching international market.

Summing up:

Seafood is healthy and protein rich less amount of cholesterol hence it is preferred world wide as a health benefited food processing is done with all factors  which  are benefits  to health.