Features to look for in kitchen scissors

If you are planning to buy kitchen scissors then there are some features that you should look out for. These will help you distinguish the best kitchen scissors and make sure that you get something worth your money.

Pivot point or lower fulcrum: the fulcrum should be placed down the blade so that there is better leverage when you are cutting dense materials such as cartilage or bone. The blades should be short and the rivet should be placed close to the blades so that proper force can be exerted.

Adjustable pivot screw: if you are choosing a professional shear then they will have an adjustable screw that can be loosened or tightened. If not then the blades might become loose near the pivot and pop up when pressure is exerted. Adjustable screw makes it easy to clean.

Handles and blades all inone: the tang which extends in the handle and the blade will be made of one piece in a good quality shear so that the handles do not break off or gets twisted when you are cutting a challenging or dense material.

Balance: best kitchen scissors have a tang that will extend in the handles and will be evenly balanced if you hold them on either a single or two fingers around its middle point. If they are not able to and they tip towards the end of the blade instead then there would be issues with the lightweight handles that crack or break.