Practical Bioreactors’ Guide for Environmental Concerns

Morris Esformes

Have you ever had an interest in innovation, improving the environment or engaging in sophisticated technology awareness? Well, probably if not, then there are missing some great implementation that would expand your imagination. Actually, this is what Morris Esformes, who is an innovative student, loved to do.

Morris even initiates a website that assists in examining the latest technology advancement, particular for global climate changes. This website also analyzes how this effort will impact the upcoming generation. The bioreactor is among the innovation that Morris is passionate about.

The Introduction of Bioreactor

All though many technologies have been initiated recently; Bioreactor is the only technology that captivates Morris interest. A bioreactor is used for energy production, especially in food production, soil remediation, composting and etcetera.

Bioreactors usefulness and simplicity can also break down the plastic that environmentalists and chemical engineers have not yet succeeded in doing for many decades. Morris was even more impressed after seeing what 16 years old Daniel Burd designed with this great concept.

Morris Esformes

Bacteria Experience by Daniel Burd

Burd performed a remarkable experiment on bacteria at the local landfill. With natural selection assistance, he managed to breed a bacteria and generation and another; he chooses the best that can remove the rest.  After several months, he managed to break down the plastic bag.

Due to this experiment, Morris finds out that Burd was one of the brilliant inventors. We can make our future a better place without those hazardous environmental plastic effects. Morris Esformes also loved a minimalistic design.

 Bioreactors are designed microbes container that can break down the entire nutrient from organic material and sunlight. These components are used for various purposes after they are broken down. Below are some of the uses:

  • Bioreactor Soda Bottle: Bioreactor requires soda bottle that usually used to remove harmful chemical and remediate soil.
  • Bioreactor water bottle recycler: This innovation can take you places, is a process that involves giant algae series that perform filtration with water bottle recycling.
  • Wide range of photobioreactor: In this type of bioreactor system, the bacteria is bio-engineered to release crude oil to refine into gasoline form.


Morris believed that bioreactor is such an incredible invention that has a step forward to create a sustainable fuel.  For biodiesel production, the new design is being created already. Indeed, the procedure is so cost-efficient and can produce a perfect Return on investment (ROI) after an initial investment.