Gout and Pomegranate – Makes a Wonderful Combination


Pomegranate is the world’s highly popular fruits but still it is the least popular fruits, reason being that people view this fruit as the complicated fruit as it has over 600 of juice seed sacs, which you have to work hard for getting them out. So the question comes, is pomegranate helpful in gout? Even though there have not been any research done with the gout sufferers, there are studies with the people who were suffering from the osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis that are the related conditions. Keep in mind that technically pomegranate is the berry as it is filled with a lot of edible seeds also is high in the antioxidants that helps to work for the gout sufferers.

Pomegranate and Health Benefits


One full cup of pomegranate fruit has around 144 calories, 7 grams fiber and3 grams protein, over 30% of recommended vitamin C allowance that is important for the gout sufferers, also 12% of recommended potassium allowance. Also, they are very good source of manganese, vitamins B, phosphorus and copper to know more benefits on how pomegranate will help in gout then visit goutpatients.com for more details.

One very important health advantage of the pomegranate is its powerful antioxidant properties that help to reduce the uric acid in your blood. Reason is because this has the most of each kind of the antioxidant.

Dietary Supplement for the Gout Sufferers

Do you know that the pomegranate fruit is studied for the potential role in over 105 of diseases and has 39 pharmacological actions? This fruit cut down your risk of heart disease just by improving the blood circulation as well as slowing growth of the plaque formation in the arteries. This helps to improve mood as well as fight depression. Pomegranates will help to reduce the cancer risk as they are high in the antioxidants as well as have the protective effect. Pomegranate helps to increase your memory and lowers down your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. It also can fight fungal and bacterial infections.

Main interest for gout sufferers is pomegranates will treat the bone loss related to osteoporosis. Pomegranate’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects decrease oxidative stress as well as have positive effect on the bone health.