Some features of synthetic urine that you should be considering for buying it

Synthetic urine is a lab made urine that fulfills all the requirements that is demanded from an original urine and can be used for a lot of purposes. The urine has a well pH level balance and has good amount of urea and creatinine in it. Synthetic urine is basically an artificially made urine that is made by scientists in a laboratory and serves the purpose of animal repellent, fetish needs, etc and many more. There are many different places that you find this type of urine, which usually comes in a bottle. If you want to know more about synthetic urine, then the following discussion will be suitable for you.

synthetic urineSynthetic urine is basically designed in a laboratory and instead of taking samples of real urine generated from humans, it is made in the labs using certain chemical formula in such a way and it fulfills the requirement of an original urine sample. It is made by keeping in mind the PH levels of urine the temperature strip as well and it can be used for prank purposes as well. When it comes to uses of synthetic urine, the possibilities are basically limitless. It can be used for serving the needs of urine therapy as well. It is not recommended for any kind of internal usage but it can be used for curing a lot of internal discomforts. This features has been suggested by the makers of this synthetic urine. There are many cultures in the world that use urine as a medicine.

One of the main reasons for doing this is that regular urine might have impurities, however, this kind of urine will not have the same. Since, it is designed and made in a laboratory, it is free from almost all kinds of disinfectants and will not cause any harm to your fetish needs. The pee sample will be suitable for both male and female usage as it is made to replicate the pee sample of both men and women. The urine is toxin free and because of the procedures applied in the laboratory in making it, it is found that the sample is quite cleaner and fresher as well and serves a much better purpose as well. The urine works as a great animal repellent and it can be used for taking advantage of an animal’s natural aversion to a particular matter.