A great tool- Percolator bong

These bongs are made with percolators, the additional pieces in the body of the bong that help disperse the smoke of dry herbs into the water. These bongs can be located above the main water reservoir or at the exit point downstream. These bongs have one or more percolators built inside them. There are so many reasons to buy a percolator bong.  This is a great apparatus to start with, especially concerning dealing with harsh and hot hits from dry pipes. The old percolator bong can be upgraded in hardware which allows enjoying hits that are even cooler and smoother than ever experienced.

Flavor chasers love these bongs because of the smoother, cooler hits they provide as compared with the traditional bongs. When smoke passes through these percolators, it is forced apart, which permits more smoke to come into contact with the water before leaving the main water reservoir. As more smoke spends more time in the water, it allows the hit to chill out and helps to take out particles that may have slipped in during smoking.

buy a percolator bong

How to choose ?

These bongs are available in all different kinds of sizes, shapes, designs, and materials. Looking at this, some important points must be kept in mind before purchasing one. For beginners, it is necessary to decide the kind of material that is required for this bong to be made from. Many are made from glass that has the advantage of providing a consistently clean, crisp flavor but is easily breakable and is more prone to breaking. This is especially true for these bongs as the added percolator pieces tend to break or crack.

If it is concerned about breaking these bongs, one may be required to consider a silicone percolator bong. These can be entirely silicone or a combination of silicone and glass pieces. Silicone has the advantage of being extremely long-lasting and less expensive than glass. The silicone percolator bongs are difficult to find, as the market focuses primarily on glass construction.

Once it is decided on the material, the next thing to consider is what sort of and how many percolators are wanted inside this bong.  The simple design has only one percolator, and it can also be built into the ice catcher downstream. This type of design is going to be a budget-friendly design since the simple the glass percolator bong is, the less costly it tends to be.

For the smoker, it is desirable to have this bong on hand. If any individual is having trouble choosing one that suits the best fit as per the need, there is a consultant who helps in making choice and getting this kind of bong which is perfect for specific smoking habits and individual needs.