How to find the best contact lens solution for your contact lens?

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Contact lenses can be said as an alternative to eyeglasses for correcting vision. Contact lens cleaners are a way for individuals to care for contact lenses to maintain comfort, keep their eyes healthy, and reduce the risk of infections. A contact solution can clean, disinfect, rinse, moisturizes, and store contact lenses.

There are different types of contact lens solutions Singapore available. Some products will remove dirt and some germs from the lenses, while others contain disinfectants to kill germs on the contact lenses to help prevent eye infections.

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The following might help you choose the right solution for your lens:

  • Using rigid or hard contact lenses may wish to speak to their eye doctor before purchasing any contact lens solutions. Some products can only be suitable for those with soft contact lenses.
  • An individual using soft contact lenses and wants a product that cleans and disinfects can choose from multipurpose or hydrogen peroxide solutions.
  • Multipurpose solutions can be the all-in-one products that clean, rinse, disinfect, and store contact lenses. Some types will moisturize the lenses too.
  • Hydrogen peroxide cleaners will clean, disinfect, and store contact lenses. Eye doctors might prescribe hydrogen peroxide solutions if an individual reacts to multipurpose solutions.
  • Not all solutions are suitable for soft and rigid contact lenses. Rigid contact lenses may require different solutions.
  • These products are available with a case that converts the hydrogen peroxide into saline within a few hours.

People should prevent getting hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution singapore in or near the eye, resulting in stinging, burning, irritation, eye pain, or injury.