Precautions for office spaces post covid

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The pandemic has taught us many new things and this includes adjustments to changes. When you return to the office when the situation improves, there should be a safe setup in place. The following are some points to consider in the office space post covid.

  1. Hand sanitizing systems

The provision of hand sanitizers at the entrance and exit points is essential. A separate area should be allocated near the entry and exit points. This should be spacious so as to avoid crowding. Preferably sanitizers with foot pumps that avoid the use of hands should be put to use. The designated area should have space for storing extra hygiene-related products. This way offices can be sure of sanitizing all employees before they enter their work bay.

  1. Desktop shield

Post covid situation face to face working should be avoided to limit the risk of spread. Acrylic virus shield Singapore should be installed on the desks thus separating two adjacent desks with dividers. They defend the staff against any risk of infection in case one person has any early signs. These desk dividers can be custom-made according to the size of the desks in your office. The sizes of acrylic shields available are 3mm and 5mm. These sheets are very easy to fix and are great for compact work areas.

virus shield singapore

  1. Signage at the entry point

To facilitate the one-way flow of people at entry and exit points, it is essential to have clear signage. This will help to avoid people gathering in a place. These signs affixed at floor standing protection screens can provide information at eye level. So there will not be any hassle.

  1. Personal storage space

Separate provision for lockers can be provided for the personal belongings of employees. It is advisable to have an antibacterial coating to these spaces. Use of mobile under desk pedestal can be used for personal stuff.