All about the Motor Trade Insurance Policy


The motor trade insurance is for those people who work in the motor trade industry. It is basically designed for them. Thepeople working in the motor trade industry will have the permission to access all kinds of vehicle and need to drive them to the destination and return them back to the source point.

Whenever we are driving we are always associated with risks. The motor trade insurance provides us some relief from the risks concerning the motor trade. Any one who is working in the motor trade can easily avail the benefits provided by the moto trade insurance.

The benefits of Motor Trade InsuranceInsurance

  1. Garages
  2. Car Showrooms
  3. Auction Houses
  4. Mobile Mechanic Insurance
  5. Repair Shops
  6. Valeting Services

The motor trade insurance policy provides cover for collecting and delivering the customers vehicles. The cost of the motor trade insurance policy varies depending upon the level of cover, level of risk and the insurance provider you choose. If your motor trade business is situated at high crime level area then you need to pay more because you require full focus on your business area.

  • Every country has some rules and regulation regarding motor trade. In UK, the following rules will decide whether you can hold the motor trade insurance or no?
  • You need to have a full valid UK drivers Licence. You have attained the age of 21 years.
  • You need to prove your work in the motor trade.

If you are considering working in the motor trade as part time then you are permitted to work. In case you are working part time, you will be provided with the part time motor trade insurance policies. If you consider adding more employees to your motor trade insurance policy, you are permitted to do so with some extra charge or cost.If there are more drivers, the risk factors are also higher and so does the premium. The companies maintain the motor insurer’s database. The database contains information of all the vehicles that are insured, so that it can be easily accessed by the police or DVLA. This database will provide a great help to know about the uninsured drivers.