4 Major Tips to Make an Unresponsive iPhone Work at Ease

If you are among those individuals who has been facing some or the other problem in their iPhone, or your long island ipad repair is not being responsive as it had to turn out to be then let me tell you that you can try plenty of tricks and tips before heading towards your closet genius bar. Below given are the five major tips that will help you fix an Unresponsive iPhone at ease and without any difficulty.

Free up the space on your device: Like the other devices even the iPhone gets slow when it comes to the storage space and turns out to be laggy. The other problem that would generate appear here are that your screen being seized up. Go ahead and check the amount of storage availability by going to the settings, then general, then storage and iCloud usage, and the last but not the least manage the storage. If you have got something less than 500 Mb available then this could be one of the root cause for your unresponsive screen.

Deleting and reinstalling all the apps: If your screen is not responding due to a specific kind of an application, and seems to be fine when you actually make an exist from it then the problem is in the app rather than the phone. Also check for the updates in your phone. You might be experiencing a bug that is known only to the developers, and they might have to fix it. And incase there is no update available then just delete the app and reinstall it again.

Cleaning your phone or the iPad screen: Let’s just be honest with ourselves. We do always have our phones kept aside us, which means all the dirt, the junk collects on the screen and as a result it would end up interfering with the performance of our devices. Have a look at the screen of your long island ipad repair in order to know if it looks oily, or is there anything else that is preventing it from functioning properly. If so then give it a good clean with a decent white soft cloth. And Incase it’s dirty then you might have to clean it with water.

Performing a hard reboot: Sometimes all that your phone needs is just a reboot and fix the unresponsive screen. If you have a screen that is completely frozen then it’s always good that you do a hard reboot, which is like shutting down the computer by just pulling the plug away out of the wall. And if you have been using an iPhone 6 or older simultaneously hold down the home button along with the power button unless and until you get to see the logo. And if you are using iPhone 7 without a physical home button then just hold the volume up and down button and choose the sleep wake button until the phone reboots.

Hopefully the above mentioned tips will help you solving the problem of the unresponsive screen. Have you faced any sort of an issue before with your iphone. How has the above tips helped you out with it. Do leave your comments below. We would love to hear from you.