How much do you know about WordPress plugin?

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If I had to decide what factor makes WordPress more attractive and makes it so superior to other blogging platforms, everyone would surely lean towards WordPress plugins. And, thanks to them, we can turn our website into a multitude of different sites, for example, an e-commerce store.Currently, there are more than 20,000 plugins in the official WordPress repository, which means that, almost certainly, there will be one that meets our needs without having to complicate our lives much and in a totally simple way.Click here for best wordpress membership plugins.

Where can I find the WordPress Plugins?

Finding a WordPress plugin that meets our needs is as easy as doing a simple search, but where should I do it? We can find almost any WordPress plugin in any of the following places:

The official WordPress repository

The vast majority (if not all) being free.

In other specific portals

Generally, these types of places are for paid WordPress plugins.

Hey… is there a difference between paid and free WordPress plugins?

Normally, paid plugins are improved versions of free plugins, they add new functionalities, they are much more complete, they have better support, etc. Visit this site for best wordpress membership plugins.

Elements to take into account when installing a Plugin in WordPress

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Some of the elements that we must take into account when installing a WordPress plugin are the following:


It is very important to check if the current version of the plugin is compatible with the version of our WordPress.

Frequency of updates

While not updating a plugin is worrisome, it is also worrying that it is updated every day and every hour. We must take into account the update frequency; A plugin that is not updated may be obsolete, just as if it is constantly updated every day it may be a sign that it has quite a few problems in its operation.

The success of the plugin

Seeing the stats of a plugin will allow us to know how famous it is and how reliable or not it can be.

How many plugins can I install in WordPress?

There is no exact number of plugins that we can install in WordPress, there is no minimum. The important thing is not the quantity, but the quality of the plugins that we have installed and active. So, if you need 10, 20, 30, 50… 100 plugins or whatever, go ahead, don’t be afraid.

But always remember to make sure they are of good quality and from experienced developers, forget to use “pirated” plugins or from developers that are somewhat “dubious”. Remember that plugins will execute code on your WordPress site and if that code is malicious, it can affect you very badly.