How to Rent a Moving Truck or Trailer

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Planning a large move can be very difficult but you can save money by renting a trailer or moving truck instead of hiring people to move your household goods for you. As with anything planning is important and it is important to plan and reserve your moving truck or trailer before you want to actually move. If possible try to avoid peak moving times such as the end of the month or during the summer months.

The first step in renting a moving truck is to determine how large of a truck you’ll need. In deciding how large of a moving truck you’ll need you should look at the number of rooms that you will be moving. For example a 24 foot truck may move eight rooms, a 20 foot truck may move five rooms, and a 15 foot truck a move about three rooms.

dakota cargo

Next, you should contact moving truck rental companies in your area about restrictions upon driver requirements. For example some companies may require a minimum age, driving record, or special licenses in order to drive their moving vehicles. Also be sure to not forget about car insurance and any liability you may incur. Baraka Sarana Tama

Then, you can start to price your move by filling in online forms, calling, or actually heading to the offices of the moving companies. When you are deciding on a final moving company make sure that you ask any questions that are still thinking about in your mind and that any vehicles you are using meet the moving companies hauling requirements.

Finally, once you have all of your household items packed up and the boxes taped you will be glad that your research on moving companies was thorough and complete. By doing your moving research work upfront you saved hundreds of dollars and many hours in moving your living quarters across the city, across the state, or even across the entire country or world.