How to enhance your facial features with the right hairstyle?

Not all of us are born with the perfect facial features. Even celebrities and fashion icons do not have the perfect features. But still they have that gorgeous and attractive look. This is because they have the perfect combination of clothes, makeup and hairstyle that gives them the perfect look. Short layered styles @ Rachel are the perfect ones that suits round and heart shaped faces to a great extent. But if you are not convinced with short layers then read on to know what will be best hairstyle for you.short layered styles @ rachel

Hairstyle that suits your facial features:

  1. If you have a large forehead: a large forehead needs concealing and you can do that with bangs. This is the best short layered styles @ Rachel and you can conceal your large forehead with thick and straight across bangs. It suits faces that are heart or oval shaped. If you have a square or round shaped face then go for side-swept bangs.
  2. If you want to draw attention away from the nose: if you think you do not have the perfect nose then you can get focus towards your eyes by flaunting a deep side-part hairstyle. This will also give the illusion of length to your face and highlight facial features such as eyes, forehead and chin. This is the best way to remove attention from your nose.
  3. If you have small features: many people have small noses, eyes and mouths. These features tend to get drowned if you wear long and layered tresses. Short layered styles @ Rachel is best suited for these faces. Best ones to choose are chin-length bobs or pixie cuts that will make your features more glamorous and proportioned.
  4. If you have a long neck: if you have a long neck then wearing long tresses is the best option. This will hide your neck’s length to some extent. Long hairs that are straight or wavy are best suited for people with longer necks.

Try the hairstyle that matches your facial features and personality.