Why people love Korean Jesus?

The Korean Jesus is located in the South Korea, “Blessed are the God and the Father of Lord Jesus Christ”.  That means the new heaven and earth. The Korean Jesus was founded in 1984 that too by the religious leader Lee Man hee. They mainly focus out on the God’s second coming to the world and he believes out that he brings out 144000 followers along with him to the Heaven on the Day of Judgment.

What do the followers believe?

The followers mainly believe that the immortal has the eternal life. In South Korea the Shincheonji has organized the 12 tribes that too each named after one of the Jesus disciples. Their teaching would be based on the superior truth. The teaching was based on how people should live and what are the things that God had said about the revelations.

Two thousand years before the God was born as a human in Bethlehem and according to the Hebrews the second meet that Lord Jesus is coming back to world. During that time Jesus is calling the people together with the bird of prey in the east of salvation.

Foundation of the Christ will completely depend upon the commands of scripture.

Actually the man who has fulfilled the God’s purpose is characterized in the form of bird of prey. That is in biblical world it represents as like the form of an eagle that represents out with God. The God himself was fulfilling with this prophecy and he would come as a man far country that is situated in the east. That too the new covenant Passover in sign of the salvation and you can find out a sign and that acts as a reorganization of the Christ Ahnsahnghong and understands about the human in form of second time that too in the South Korea and this is why the Korean Jesus is famous and people worship him.

Resurrection of Lord Jesus

  • People believe that they would have the personal power for doing anything.
  • Have the full confident for the certainty and increase your self confidence level higher.
  • Have the power to renewal of finding out a great change within you.
  • Can access the great power within you and it helps for empowering way of you empowering.
  • Increases out your wise attitude and the sensible action and health.
  • Rejoice out in the world of life and have a winning spirit.
  • You would have the abundance of salvation that means spiritual, physically emotional and materially.