Natural Alternatives to Adderall Prescription Drugs

Adderall prescription drugs are a highly effective yet controversial tool in the fight against attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, many people with ADHD are turning to natural alternatives due to their addiction and long-term use. Visit and learn more. 


This post explores the many health-conscious ways of treating ADHD without resorting to prescription drugs or other potentially harmful substances.


What are the alternatives to Adderall prescription drugs?


For many people with ADHD, medication is the first line of attack against their condition, especially if they’ve been diagnosed very young and as a child.


However, in some cases, prescription drugs aren’t the best course of action for treatment. For instance, for those who have not been diagnosed until adulthood, when their behavioral patterns have already become ingrained and deeply rooted, giving them a prescription drug only treats the symptoms of their ADHD – it doesn’t treat the root cause of their problem.


In such cases, the patient might be better off with an alternative approach to treating ADHD that focuses on eliminating their actions rather than masking them.

Adderall Prescription Drugs

 Here are several natural alternatives to Adderall prescription drugs.


1. Eliminate stimulants and other food dyes from your diet:


As mentioned above, this is the most common approach to treating ADHD in adults and children diagnosed late in life. The logic behind this method is that if you remove food from your body, its hold over you will diminish. You don’t crave it or think about it anymore if it’s not there. This all goes for foods containing artificial food dyes and the caffeine in black coffee, caffeinated sodas, and energy drinks – anything with stimulating effects can trigger ADHD behaviors.


2. Eliminate potentially addictive foods from your diet:


Of course, one way to eliminate stimulants and food dyes from your diet is to avoid anything that contains them. However, many foods out there may have a different effect on you, depending on your specific chemistry. For some people, eating gluten can cause anxiety attacks; for others, it can act as a laxative. It’s important to realize that there are no natural inedible foods for ADHD treatment; every person is different, and what works for you might work poorly for someone else.


3. Get plenty of exercises:


Exercise is a crucial factor in reducing stress and anxiety and thus the need to numb out via unhealthy means. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, natural neurotransmitters that make you feel happy and relaxed. Also, a recent study shows that people living with ADHD have an abnormally low metabolic rate, which can cause them to gain weight quickly if they don’t watch what they eat. The solution to this problem is more exercise to raise your metabolism rate back to normal levels.