Different Types of the Commercial Roofing

No matter big or small, your business often will look for company that will provide them with the commercial roofing Toronto service that won’t interfere with the regular business. There are some roofing services that give special services only for the commercial property. For example, leaving the parking lots free from any debris or no obstructions for entry ways, with this your business will continue to function smoothly. There’re many kinds of roofing to choose for your commercial structure. Choice will depend on the cost, slope of the roof, and weather conditions of your particular area.

Metal Roofing

Aluminum, Steel, Metal Tie, Standing Seam, and Copper are some best metal roofing materials that are used as the commercial roofing. When installed rightly, the metal roofing will last for 30 – 50 years that is just amazing compared to expensive roofing.

Asphalt Shingles

They are the common kind of shingles that are used in the home and the commercial buildings. Reinforced with wood fibers, organic material, and fiber glass, the shingles will last from 20 – 30 years. The laminated shingles are made from asphalt and come in various textures and colors that give the shingle an appearance of expensive slate or shake tiles.

Slate Shingles

The slate shingles are very heavy and tough to install. Although they can break easily, they will add beauty to your home. Such roof will last from 45 – 70 years and claim it can last more than 100 years when installed rightly.

Wood Shakes

Most of the roof shakes comes in treated pine, spruce and cedar. Most of the wood shingles are cut using the machine. And this gives them the smooth texture, making it simple to install.

Tile Roofing

Tile is made from clay and can be made from concrete or rubber as well. There’s a large range of styles and colors in tile roofing available. Clay is expensive than the concrete tiles but basic performance, look and durability of tiles is same.


No matter whether you’ve the new structure for roofing or are just re-roofing the commercial building, make sure you choose the roofing service that will do the right job for you.