Seven trends you must try in the spring / Summer season

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Another season arrived and with them new trends. As always in fashion the variety is great, but there are certain pieces that as a true fashionista you should have in your wardrobe. The truth is that surely, many designs and accessories that will be the great successes of this spring / summer 2019, we can find them in the closet of our parents or even grandparents.Visit bro office for interesting articles.

Jeans vintage

This year will be the year of vintage pieces. High waist pants, taken from our mother’s wardrobe, are still a hit. Especially the designs of the 80s with boot cut at mid calf. If they have finished wear, asymmetric or even better embroidery.Go to bro office for interesting articles.

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The flyers are already in fashion for several seasons, but now they come with reinforcements, they appear in places where we have not seen them before. We are going to see ruffles in pants, jackets, blouses, in sleeves, that is, everywhere and in any way. They are more fashionable than ever.

 Mules, that is shoes without heel

We already saw them in the spring of last season, but this year they come back with reinforcements. We can find closed and open models, flat or with heels. This type of footwear is ideal for day or night. For the day, choose a flat design or use a heeled design and wear it with socks. At night have fun with models with heels, pointing for prints, ornaments or velvet.

T-shirts with slogans

The tendency of t-shirts with daring and controversial texts comes very strong, where we can express our vision about the world, points of view about politics, about feminism, etc. We could see it in the Dior fashion shows with t-shirts announcing slogan “we must all be feminists”. This trend inspired by streetwear is stronger than ever and is also very instagrameable.


In the previous season, designers were fascinated by shades of pale pink. In this season the pink color comes in its boldest, fuchsia version of the eighties. It comes in fabrics such as velvet, lycra and all kinds of bright fabrics. We wear it in dresses or looks from head to toe

Extravagant sleeves and shoulders

In the spring-summer shows it was impossible not to notice that many of the designers focused on the shoulders of women. The trend has already made its appearances in previous seasons, but this time it comes with everything.