The different flavors of Shisha and their availability

There are many different flavors of shisha tobacco, and they come in a variety of different formats, such as cigarettes, cigars, water pipes, and even hookahs. Depending on the region where you live, you may be able to find shisha in stores or online shops like . The following are different flavors of shisha:

Fruit shisha: 

Since fruit shisha is a new and upcoming trend, many people are curious about it and want to try it. Fruit shisha is made by soaking fruit in water and adding nicotine, flavoring, and sugar. It is then heated and turned into vapor. The most popular flavors are grape, strawberry, banana, and blueberry.

Floral shisha: 

Since the shisha trend hit the scene, smokers have been looking for new and interesting flavors to enjoy with their water pipes. Floral flavors are becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason – they’re light, refreshing, and perfect for summer! Here are a few of our favorites:


  • Lavender is one of the most popular floral shisha flavors. It’s sweet and floral, with a slightly herbaceous taste.
  • Jasmine is another favorite – it’s sweet and fragrant, with a slightly woody taste.
  • Rose is a classic flavor that never goes out of style. It’s sweet and floral, with a slightly fruity taste.
  • Peony is light and refreshing; with a slightly sweet taste that reminds you of springtime.

Spiced shisha: 

Recently, there has been an increase in the popularity of spiced shisha. Spiced shisha is made with a mixture of spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cardamom. These spices give the shisha a sweet and spicy flavor that many people enjoy.

Tobacco-free shisha: 

There are many types of shisha, but most contain tobacco. Shisha contains high levels of nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, which can harm your health. Get more details here