What is Bitcoin? Get To Know More Here

There has been a lot of up and down in Bitcoin from last some years but currency it is starting to come in mainstream. The surge towards an end of 2017 followed by the crash soon after – however many predict it has the long-term potential. Since the technology though, the cryptocurrencies are booming – all because of the decentralized nature & encrypted security. Suppose you are not very sure of what it is, we have taken a close look at 21st century currency and explained the whole thing, just check out the latest bitcoin news to find out more.

Bitcoin News

What’s Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are forms of the digital money, which use encryption for securing the transactions or control creation of the new units. This plan was making one kind of the currency that is not controlled by the governments and businesses, which you can trade worldwide without any cost or without revealing your real identity. Popularity of the Bitcoin has spawned a lot of copycats – at times named as “altcoins”. In order, to make things confusing, there are “second generation” currencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash.

Are they like coins in your wallet?

Not at all. They are the line of some numbered “code” – and instructions used in the computer programming. But, when purchased they are exchanged for goods or services, like the normal money.

Where did the Bitcoin come from?

Made by the mysterious developer, Bitcoins exploded onto financial scene in the year 2013, and following huge increases in its value.