How To Increase Plays On Spotify- A Thought Of All Artists

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Spotify, today has become one of the most popular music platforms to showcase and publish a music track. All amusician need is toget his track on the Spotify chartbusters or Spotify billboards and viola! The track may go for a hit if it is good enough.

So now what should an artist do to increase plays on Spotify?

The basic thought an artist gets after preparing a track is “how to increase plays on Spotify?” Though there are other platforms too it is seen that out of all other platforms, Spotify wins in being the best platform to promote music. The UK and the US have got serious traction of Spotify. Any artist there would be considered a fool not to use it. Spotify maximises exposure of the track which leads to an increase in fan following. The more exposed a track is, the more is its promotion and publicity.

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An artist doesn’t need to do much on Spotify. When he thinks of how to increase plays on Spotify, he must make sure to do the following tasks:

  • Submit the track

The basic act. Uploading or submitting the track in Spotify. It can be done either directly or even through some renowned Spotify service providers like Ditto Music etc.

  • Get a verified Spotify profile

Of course, an artist must prove its genuineness on Spotify. A blue tick beside his profile is a verification result. Earlier it was that if an artist has a minimum of 250 followers, he is given a blue tick profile. But now any person can get a verified profile by signing up to Spotify for Artists.This doesn’t stop here. The artist must get as many followers as possible.

  • Maintaining a professional online presence

People must know that the artist exists. Sharing achievements on the site, having active interaction with followers boost people to listen to your music

These are the normal steps to increase plays on Spotify. There are other steps too like buying plays. Buying plays an option for those artists who are capable of spending to get plays. Companies like and Fiverr sell plays to the artist. On purchase of predetermined plays, the track is guaranteed to gain plays by being played in various promotional slots of streaming platforms.

This buying of plays has a huge drawback of allowing entry of fake tracks to be played. Though it helps business, but it does not serve the purpose of Buying plays. Fraud detecting measures are a work in progress to eliminate such activities.