Precautions for office spaces post covid

The pandemic has taught us many new things and this includes adjustments to changes. When you return to the office when the situation improves, there should be a safe setup in place. The following are some points to consider in the office space post covid.

  1. Hand sanitizing systems

The provision of hand sanitizers at the entrance and exit points is essential. A separate area should be allocated near the entry and exit points. This should be spacious so as to avoid crowding. Preferably sanitizers with foot pumps that avoid the use of hands should be put to use. The designated area should have space for storing extra hygiene-related products. This way offices can be sure of sanitizing all employees before they enter their work bay.

  1. Desktop shield

Post covid situation face to face working should be avoided to limit the risk of spread. Acrylic virus shield Singapore should be installed on the desks thus separating two adjacent desks with dividers. They defend the staff against any risk of infection in case one person has any early signs. These desk dividers can be custom-made according to the size of the desks in your office. The sizes of acrylic shields available are 3mm and 5mm. These sheets are very easy to fix and are great for compact work areas.

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  1. Signage at the entry point

To facilitate the one-way flow of people at entry and exit points, it is essential to have clear signage. This will help to avoid people gathering in a place. These signs affixed at floor standing protection screens can provide information at eye level. So there will not be any hassle.

  1. Personal storage space

Separate provision for lockers can be provided for the personal belongings of employees. It is advisable to have an antibacterial coating to these spaces. Use of mobile under desk pedestal can be used for personal stuff.

How can we protect ourselves from cell phone radiations?

Security from mobile phone radiation may appear to be troublesome, yet it doesn’t need to be.

What does EMFs mean?

EMFs are electromagnetic fields and frequencies. These happen in nature and consistently have, encompassing our planet and aiding keep the dubious equilibrium of inward space and outer space conceivable. You may find out about the threats of these, yet in truth all life on earth have learned and surprisingly become subject to these fields. The issue is that over the most recent fifty years the sum that we’re assaulted with far surpasses the sum we developed to manage, and prompts some nasty side effects, immune system infections, restlessness and even cancer.

cellphone emf protection has been demonstrated clinically to interrupt just as damage cells inside tissues and can also raise melatonin creation. Precisely for what reason is extra melatonin creation an undesirable issue. Melatonin advises your body when it’s an ideal opportunity to rest, and when the cycle is intruded on, you could get exhausted and furthermore have state of mind issues, just as restlessness, resting excessively and lethargy. There is a great deal of very much recorded exploration showing the way that rest has a significant job for extending life, most diseases threats, just as mental wellbeing.

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How might I ensure myself?

Assurance from wireless radiation comes in numerous structures; cell phone accessories like unique safeguarded covers, air tube headsets that don’t convey the radiation and signal, and even antenna connections that push the sign far away from your head protecting you from a lot of the impacts. Another incredible choice are energy pendants, that arrive in a wide assortment of plans, shapes, and materials like volcanic stone and valuable metals.

Of all these choices, energy pendants can be the most valuable, as they’re reasonable, uninvolvedand give a wide assortment of insurance from cellphone emf protection. These two extraordinary, as certain gadgets will emanate one yet not the other. In any case, you choose to go with, sound judgment can really be simply the most ideal approach to safeguard against radiation. use your cell phone sparingly, keep it out of your pocket and away from you when you’re not utilizing it, and it’ll go far.


Therefore, Electromagnetic radiations are most dangerous for our well-being. To protect our selves from emfs is to avoid them. Use you mobilewhenever needed not regularly and keep away from children.

Know cash donations for charities in Singapore help

This article will let you know how many lives are nourished and what essentials are provided to the charity. It is independent and also known for the non-profit charity Singapore. The cash donations for charities singapore sustain lives and soothes hunger by providing sustainable food through a food distribution program.

As well they are consistent, reliable and less-fortune, by making a vital contribution to the charity they always try to ease the hunger of many. They understand about the needs and food falls under basic necessity. Hence every human being has the right to get. They fight to deal with the battle of hunger by donating cash also stable sources and supplies to meet their basic needs. Online contribution towards charity is also approved yet helped a lot. Due to pandemics, it is difficult to reach there, hence the online system has benefited many.

History about food distribution charity

Distributing food from the heart is their mission to feed all those who are needy and indeed cannot help themselves. This program was established in the year 2003 February. Those who are in need will be serving foods and decided to surplus foods through bakeries. The mission has started with 120 volunteers in the year 2003. And this has reached 10,000 volunteers at end of 2020.

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Their vision is to distribute and be known to be the leading charity in Singapore.


They embrace the values of transparency, professionalism, and also for self-sustainability as well.

Know how to make a cash donation

You are always welcome to walk.ins cash donation for the charity. From 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday the office and the process of distribution is opened. Also, they do not encourage any cash donations via mail. Therefore make sure that you do it online.

Even a small amount of contribution is count. Every year they help the underprivileged by feeding food and provide the necessities as well.