Manage Family Businesses With FOAHK

What are your thoughts on how these millionaires and billionaires manage their family investments? Family offices assist such families in managing their investments, structures, and properties. As an added service, some organizations provide services such as household management and travel arrangements for such families. Traditional family offices handle payroll, legal affairs, success planning, and tax services. The Family Office Association Hong Kong (FOAHK) assists in the management of these family offices. But, before you make a choice, let’s look at the features that have made FOAHK so popular.

Why choose FOAHK?

Through promotions and representations, the Family Office Association Hong Kong aims to strengthen and build a wealthy family office ecosystem. It also protects the interests of the family office communities. It assists in the growth of family businesses through its advocates, experts, events, and training programs.

  1. Advocacy: In addition to providing wealth management solutions, it also assists in dealing with legislative and regulatory issues that are beneficial to the development of the industry. The professional team assists your company in reaching new heights.
  2. Large network: Working with FOAHK allows you to explore many businesses and gain exposure to strategies and marketing channels. Many networking events are held where you can learn about marketing strategies that will help your business grow.
  3. Knowledge: Every month, training programs and webinars are held to provide insight into the most recent business ideas and market trends. The company strives to maintain high standards for the development of family office communities through events, insights, and practice papers.

Family associations’ mission is to strengthen family offices. Join FOAHK to take advantage of opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration.