Role Of Inclusive Equipment in Playground Design

Inclusivity means to include everybody. This principle is a widespread concept across the globe, the design is being followed everywhere, in shopping malls, multiplexes, restaurants, lifts, and more. Disabled people are the major user group that is benefitted from this. Despite the fact that the design does not mean it is just for them, it is for everyone, but the end-users of the design are people with disabilities. If one sees parking, they can notice that some parking spaces are allotted for these people and every building should follow some norms related to inclusive design. A playground is one such place where this kind of design is required, so the inclusive play design plays a huge role.

Principle an Inclusive equipment should follow in a playground

  • Equitable – the play environment provides many opportunities;this allows for the physical and social environment. This creates meaningful experiences regardless of age or disability.
  • Include – the whole idea of inclusive design is to include people. Ramps are one of the most needed elements in this type of design.
  • Be smart – it should be well organized that follow a pattern.

  • Independent – the design should allow an individual to explore and interact by themselves. The equipment should be self-explanatory.
  • Accessibility – the paths should be accessible to everyone.
  • Safety – it should be comfortable and follow the safety standards.
  • Accommodate diverse needs.


Every community deserves access to fun and meaningful spaces. One such space is a playground. People of all age groups visit a place like this. The use of inclusive playground equipment is very helpful when trying to design an inclusive design. As a result, social and interactive space is created, leading to a healthy and happy environment.